Should mobile phones be banned from school


Technological advances are now changing the mobile phone is not only to communicate but as a performer, among others, to listen to music, take pictures, internet network, sound or image recording and others. This makes the students are also using mobile phones in activities like school.





Corner view of a student, mobile phones are allowed to be brought to school. for students whose home was far from the school to facilitate communication to reduce the anxiety of parents for their child. For some students used mobile phones as a means of saturated dikala entertainer while learning.
But school rules corner of view, mobile phones are not allowed to dibabawa school. In a written school rules that students were prohibited from taking anything else to use. other than as a rule, usually students who use mobile phones will be disrupted his studies and not focus on what teachers teach and kriminalitaspun be increased.
I think the use of mobile phones in schools allowed because they may facilitate parents to monitor their children but there are some rules that must be obeyed for example turn off mobile phones while learning to keep students focused on learning.


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