Title                             : A CHILD CALLED “IT”

Writer                         : Dave Pelzer

Year                            : 2001

Page                           : 184 pages

A CHILD CALLED “IT” is Dave Pelzer’s first novel. It is real story about his childhood with incredible abuse story. This novel has inspired many people, so it becomes the international beat seller. Today, Dave is a father and stay in Ranco Mirago, California.

A CHILD CALLED “IT” bagan with the rescue and led through the happy times, then into the abuse. The fight for survival in the world where his mother was abusive, an alcoholic and his father ignored him. He was forced to do all the household chores, without food and sleepin garage without any blankets. The life of abuse continued over the next few years until a teacher came in to save him.

According to me, this story is very good. The author tells everything  clearly and honestly. He tells, how as mother abused a son. He had the incredible will not survive, but how to fight all things bravely.

So, by this story Dave helps people learn about abuse. We have to teach people how to stop abuse and this novel is great for us to read.


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